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Who We Are

Legacy Automotive was started in 2010 by Scott Parrott, a third-generation car dealer. The Parrott family-owned BHPH, subprime retail, and a wholesale business that began back in the 1930s by Scott’s Grandfather, Bryce “Red” Parrott. Red was one of the first Independent retail dealers in Tuscaloosa County. The vision Scott had was creating an automotive wholesale business and changing the perception that people have of the “used car salesman” focusing on providing quality service, having integrity, being trustworthy, honest, and loyal.

What We Do

Legacy focuses on purchasing new car trade-ins directly from franchise dealerships. Then we make all the repairs to bring the vehicles as close to new as possible. Services include: Paint and body All mechanical repairs New tires Disinfection deep cleaning Whatever it takes to revitalize and make a hidden gem new.

Benefits to Dealers

Increase cash flow to carry more inventory Quicker turn Higher profits Reduced headaches Buyback guarantee (terms apply) No vendors to deal with More time to focus on selling Lower monthly overhead Carfax provided on every vehicle we sell Transportation to your store

Guarantees to Retail Dealers

Buyback Guarantee

If you buy a vehicle from us and it doesn’t move in 90 days, we will buy it back in the same condition for the price you paid as long as the vehicle has less than 200 miles from the purchase date. If you find any mechanical issue 3 days from the day of purchase, we take the car back no questions asked.

Quicker Turns

Having your inventory arrive ready to sell when it hits the lot instead of days after it arrives from the auction only to begin the recon process. We also have a transit company and can help get the inventory to you in 48 hours or less.

Higher Profits

The dealers we have been servicing since 2011 have proven higher profits. This is due to the customer not having a negotiating angle when your inventory is ready to sell and get you to a lower price.

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